• We will be rebooting soon.

    Started as a bi-monthly meetup group in 2013, the 'Singapore Makers' has grown to become the private advocate of the local maker movement. Operating with support from the OneMaker Group Pte Ltd and later on to its own incorporation as a company limited by guarantee, we have been involved in a number of maker events locally as well as regionally. Over the last few years we are heartened by the acceptance of this nascent culture by general public and the government concerning 'Making' especially in fostering interest in STEM education, innovation and enterprise. We believe that the time is ripe to make 'Making' into a more inclusive and mainstream activity. We are poised with take on this challenge through a strong social angle, working with other partners and sponsors who are committed to support out cause. As such we will be undergoing restructuring and reboot 'Singapore Makers' into a new revamped entity.


    2017 will be an exciting year. Watch this space!

  • About



    Who we Are

    We are a not-for-profit organisation that represent Makers in advocating ‘bottom-up’ creativity and inventiveness by promoting technical, scientific, and artistic skills through encouraging creative, inventive and cultural expressions in Singapore. In addition, we  hope to establish best practice framework for an emerging creative industry that is technological-centric through a tripartite network of citizens, companies and the government.



    As a bottom-up community, we are thankful for the efforts made by others to grow the maker movement in Singapore to what it is today. Special thanks goes to Maker Media for kickstarting an awesome brand of events and activities that inspires many of us to create our own events. We are also thankful to the Science Centre Singapore for introducing the first Singapore Mini Maker Faire. In addition to government agencies such as SPRING, DesignSingapore Council and IDA who have been very supportive to drive the maker & innovation culture in Singapore. 

  • We are Makers

    "..so continue making, continue tinkering, continue innovating, continue sharing; hit us with your best deals. You will find and I hope that we will be able to prove, that Singapore is the best place in the world to be a maker, an inventor, an artist, a poet - a person who combines arts, science, technology and culture.."

    - Dr Vivian Balakrishnan

    Co-ordinating Minister for Smart Nation

    - Channel 8 News 29 June 2016

    《创造新视线》创客空间 创意无限

    "Burgeoning community embodies the spirit of Smart Nation"

    - Channel Newsasia 24 Dec 2014

  • InnovAsean: SEA Makerspace Summit

    On 5-7th June, we will be receiving many overseas delegates from the region to the Southeast Asia Makerspace Summit to be held in the National Design Centre, Singapore from 5-7 June 2015. Titled InnovAsean, this inaugural invite-only Summit will see 50 key decision-makers and influencers involved in makerspace operations from the eight ASEAN member nations coming together for the purpose of sharing knowledge and matters about growing the Maker movement in their respective countries and communities through makerspaces. The three-day Summit is organized by the SG Makers Association Ltd and the OneMaker Group with the support of the DesignSingapore and IDA.


    Bread-and-butter issues which directly affects makerspace operations such financial sustainability, growth and creation of economic and social impact to the local community will be deliberated. There will be opportunities create to learn, work and play collaboratively. We hope to forge ties of friendship and camaraderie in working towards establishing a formal 'ASEAN Makerspace Network' to grow the maker economy from the bottom-up.

  • We bring people together to achieve something greater.

    Since 2013 we have been actively bringing people together through regular events such as meet ups, exhibitions and tours. Over time we want to be involved in driving business and work opportunities for makers in Singapore and beyond. 


    We organize regular information seminars, meet-ups and networking events to connect makers who share similar pursuits and interests.


    We organize regular tech workshops to grow interests in science, technology and engineering as a maker career.


    We organize regular business trips for entrepreneur-makers to develop international partnerships to grow their business.


    We organize regular exhibitions through our partners to showcase maker projects. There is also an annual flagship maker convention to bring the public and makers together for a weekend of family-friendly conference, exhibition and play.


    We gather regional key influencers in the maker movement annually to share their ideas, experience and aspirations to advocate and grow the maker movement in their own localities. 

  • Keep me posted!

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